Agenda for IndiaOS 2020

09:00 AM

to 09:30 AM

Registration & Morning Tea ☕️

09:30 AM

to 10:00 AM

IndiaOS Foundations

FOSS and the motivation behind IndiaOS

Rushabh Mehta

Rushabh Mehta

10:00 AM

to 10:30 AM

FOSS at Zerodha

The story of becoming the largest stock broker with FOSS

Kailash Nadh

Kailash Nadh

10:30 AM

to 11:00 AM

The Story of Chatwoot

Learnings from a failed startup that turned into a trending FOSS project

Pranav Raj S.

Pranav Raj S.

11:00 AM

to 11:30 AM

BlobCity DB

A FOSS multi-model DB, designed for fast data retrieval and analytics.

Sanket Sarang

Sanket Sarang

11:30 AM

to 12:00 PM

The Hasura Journey

Building a GraphQL based open-source infrastructure project

Tanmai Gopal

Tanmai Gopal

12:00 PM

to 01:00 PM

Lunch Break 🌮

01:00 PM

to 01:30 PM

Where would you run your free software?

The hardware foundation for free software!

Abhas Abhinav

Abhas Abhinav

01:30 PM

to 01:50 PM

Mapping India

How to get insights by joining two maps.

Mohammed Niyas P

Mohammed Niyas P

01:50 PM

to 02:00 PM

Projects at Frappe

A talk about the FOSS journey of Frappe and everything we do

Frappe Team

Frappe Team

02:00 PM

to 02:15 PM

Introducing Frappe Books

Learnings from building a desktop accounting app

Faris Ansari

Faris Ansari

02:15 PM

to 02:30 PM

MOSIP - OSS Platform for building National Identities

A platform to help implement a digital, foundational ID in a cost effective way.

Anadi Mishra

Anadi Mishra

02:30 PM

to 02:45 PM

Open Source Success Story of Bagisto

Bagisto is a free opensource platform to build an e-commerce store.

Saurav Pathak

Saurav Pathak

02:45 PM

to 03:00 PM

Rescuing Kerala with Python

How a website brought together tech volunteers and helped saved lives.

Biswas Babu

Biswas Babu

03:00 PM

to 03:15 PM

Open Source Handwriting Recognition

An alternative approach to handwriting recognition without ML

Anish Sheela

Anish Sheela

03:15 PM

to 03:30 PM

Snacks and Tea

03:30 PM

to 04:00 PM

Lessons from HasGeek's FOSS Journey

HasGeek's decade as a 100% open source company and what it means

Kiran Jonnalagadda

Kiran Jonnalagadda

04:00 PM

to 04:30 PM

FOSS Story of Janayugom

The FOSS journey of Janayugom, a newspaper in Kerala.

Mujeeb Rahman

Mujeeb Rahman

04:30 PM

to 05:00 PM

Choosing the right software license.

Software Freedom Licensing: What you Must Know

Anivar Aravind

Anivar Aravind

05:00 PM

to 05:30 PM

Impacting Tech Policy Change

On the culture for advancing FOSS centred policies in governance

Apar Gupta

Apar Gupta

05:30 PM

to 06:00 PM

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