The Hasura Journey

Building a GraphQL based open-source infrastructure project
Tanmai Gopal

Tanmai Gopal

In this talk, Tanmai will share their journey building an open-source product and community, especially from the point of view of a startup. To set context, the talk will introduce Hasura (a realtime GraphQL engine on Postgres), and introduce the team and the developer/user community around Hasura. The next part is how Hasura started and share thier learnings on sustaining the project and working with the community and thier plans going forward.

Towards the end, he will share his thoughts on what we can do together as builders in this ecosystem to encourage open-source in the Indian dev community and hope to spark a few discussions and learn from the other attendees at IndiaOS. Specifically, Tanmai would like to bring up a discussion around how growing a genuine and active OSS user and early adopter community is the rate-limiting factor for building a thriving organic OSS community in India and share illustrative success stories from the frontend ecosystem in India.

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