Why IndiaOS - Accelerating FOSS in India

India lacks quality free and open source (FOSS) events. While there are technology events like PyCon and JSFoo, which are fantastic places to talk about technology, FOSS communities go beyond just technology. FOSS is about creation and sharing of technology. IndiaOS is an attempt to bring this community together, so we can learn and inspire each other. To take this community forward in new directions that we have not yet imagined.

IndiaOS is an event focused on the creators and contributors of FOSS. Participants can learn about new projects, success stories, how to increase adoption, best practices about design, documentation, how to sustain livelihoods and much more.

India, and the world, needs more FOSS. FOSS leads to not only savings, but sharing is a super fast way to get solutions up and ready immediately. With the amount of FOSS tools already available, we should be doing so much more either as non profits or private or public entities.

FOSS is really important to society and we need an event to come together as a community to take it forward. Today there is no such event.

This is why we need IndiaOS.

- Rushabh Mehta
Founder & CEO, Frappe Technologies

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