Open Source Success Story of Bagisto

Bagisto is a free opensource platform to build an e-commerce store.
Saurav Pathak

Saurav Pathak

In just 1 Year, the most popular opensource eCommerce platform from India has got over 10k downloads, 1750+ Github Stars and built a community of 1000+ members.

In India, people mostly have a job-oriented mindset rather than community-oriented. This is the reason why we have so fewer contributors from India in opensource projects. Everyone here are working on open source projects but those are not originated in India. We want to break these things up. In the end, India should be an open source nation.

From here, start our journey of creating Bagisto. A first of it's own, Bagisto is a platform-driven post commerce solution. You can create marketplaces, POS, PWA, drop-ship, Multi-Tenant SaaS and a variety of enterprise solutions on Bagisto. The talk is all about the success story of Bagisto and state of Indian Opensource ecosystem.
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